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There are so many elements and events involved with South Asian wedding photography in Detroit. Working with our couples has been nothing short of amazing and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way! We’re breaking down what our process looks like for each and every event of a South Asian wedding, along with fun tidbits of information, below. Keep reading for more!

Getting Ready

The getting ready process is an essential part of any wedding. But with a South Asian wedding, there is an extraordinary amount of detail that goes into a wedding day look. Intricately embroidered bridal lehengas in vibrant colors are accented by shimmering rows of bangles. Hand-applied lace-like henna designs wish the nearlyweds health, prosperity, and fertility. Each detail brings meaning while contributing to the overall beauty of the attire. In fact, most South Asian brides wear red on the day of their wedding ceremony. Red is thought to be representative of love, prosperity, and new beginnings. While its Western counterpart, the white wedding gown, represents mourning. Additionally, the getting ready process for a bride is typically done with a relative. A mother or trusted and loved family member who is there to help her affix her Tikka and/or Dupatta. 

For the groom(s), wedding day attire consists of an ornately decorated sherwani and sometimes a matching turban, and colors are chosen with the greatest of care. All of that detail seen in a bridal lehenga? It’s present in the sherwani as well! But, that’s really only just one of so many pieces of attire. More often than not, our couples opt to change attire from day to day, and sometimes even event to event. Each moment of getting dressed and changing is equally important as the nearlyweds embark on their weekend wedding celebration. And, yes, we capture them all! Every first look, every row of bangles applied, and every suit, sherwani, lehenga, and gown!


A pre-wedding ritual unique to South Asian weddings is the Haldi. South Asian weddings all carry different traditions across each culture but the Haldi is one pre-wedding ritual that is traditionally seen in nearly all South Asian weddings. Typically the Haldi is held for the closest family members of the nearlyweds. They come together to apply Haldi paste (made of turmeric) to the couple.

The Haldi paste is thought to be auspicious and is a ritual performed to bring the couple success and prosperity throughout their marriage. As you might imagine, it can get a bit messy, but that’s half the fun! Typically a Haldi takes place outside, but concessions can be made to host a Haldi indoors during the colder months. Additionally, some families like to toss flower petals over the couple after their Haldi application is complete.


A Sangeet is somewhat the South Asian version of a wedding welcome party. It includes a broad guest list and provides a way for everyone to connect and come together before the wedding day events kick off. Sometimes the Sangeet happens the day before the wedding. But some of our couples also plan their Sangeet up to two days prior to their wedding day. This allows them the space to be present and enjoy each and every one of their wedding day events. All at a pace that feels right to them.

The very first open event of the wedding weekend is here and it’s time to roll! The beautifully vibrant colors that South Asian weddings are known for (red, yellow, gold, orange, and sometimes even hot pink or purple!) are on full display and guests are ready to begin the celebrations. The Sangeet is a time of festivities including choreographed dances, singing, and all the delicious food the couple is ready to serve their guests. Some of our couples opt to combine their Sangeet with their Mendhi, bringing in a henna artist to their Sangeet. This is a fun way to engage and interact with guests before the wedding.


There’s nothing we love more than an energetic moment. When working with our couples we’ve seen some of that energy unfold, right on the dance floor. Whether during their Sangeet or wedding reception. The dance floor is a place where you, your partner, and your guests (of all ages!) can let loose and have some fun! The amount of vibrancy and entertaining force behind those choreographed dances is truly unmatched. You and your spouse get a front-row seat on the edge of the dance floor! Watching as your family and friends bring the celebration to you. 

Your guests have spent their time choreographing something special in celebration of your moment and now you get to be a spectator to their special performance. Those candid dance floor moments are what we live for! It can be the moment your family and friends are cracking up during the dance, or the look of utter shock and awe as you watch your youngest niece or nephew hit the dance floor. Those raw emotions, the ones that wash over you in disbelief as your wedding day unfolds before your eyes, and yes, the choreographed dances! Are the moments worth cherishing, reliving, and revisiting for a lifetime.


With multiple events stretched out over the course of a weekend, and each event requiring it’s own attention to detail for South Asian Detroit wedding photography, you might be wondering if there’s time for formal portraits. To that, we say, always! Look, we love the candid moments of laughter, embraces, happy tears and celebration. But we get that you want those frame-worthy photos to hang in the walls of your home. We love to work with our couples on a wedding portrait timeline that won’t take them away from their events. After all, creating a South Asian Detroit wedding photography experience is one that encompasses all the moments, whether candid or intimate.


The grand entrance is something you’ve been planning for. You’ve hired your drummers and maybe you even rented or borrowed an epic car. You can’t wait to make your way to the ceremony and this procession is the moment you get to soak it all in before you officially become married. The music is loud and the energy your friends and family bring is at an all-time high. It’s a moment of non-stop action as you make your way to the venue and the person you will be joined in marriage with.

We love the vibe of a baraat! South Asian Detroit wedding photography moments are best captured when we put ourselves right in the mix. Your wedding photographer shouldn’t be standing on the sidelines attempting to grab the best image amongst a sea of people. This is your moment, this lightning-in-a-bottle entrance that you’re about to make on the day of your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we are in the trenches with you to capture that energy!


South Asian wedding ceremonies are steeped in tradition. They are so much more than the standard Western tradition of reciting vows and getting in and out of the ceremony space in usually about 20 minutes. It’s about taking the time to honor the journey you are embarking on together while carrying on the traditions of those who came before you. Every element of a South Asian wedding ceremony is filled with meaning and completed with intention and purpose. 

The exchange of varmala, the seven steps, the sanctified fire, offerings, the receiving of blessings, and the literal tying of the knot. Each and every one of these traditions holds great significance for a South Asian wedding. In Hinduism, marriage is viewed as a sacrament, and a South Asian wedding is presided over by a Hindu priest. During the ceremony couples pray to the divine for their life together, a home, children, support, and so much more! It is their time to ask for blessings and be received while taking the very first steps in their union together. Actually, once a couple has completed the seven steps they are now considered bound in their commitment of marriage to one another.


At their core, South Asian weddings are all about the coming together of two families. In fact, it’s entirely possible that your parents and family members were heavily involved in the planning process. That might’ve been through touring venues, working with you to find the right South Asian Detroit Wedding Photography, or taking you shopping for your attire. In truth, it could be all of those elements of wedding planning and so much more! Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and everyone around you will be celebrating the love you’ve found and the blending of two families.

It’s kind of a big deal that your wedding photos are a true representation of the coming together of everyone involved. Let’s be honest here, South Asian Detroit wedding photography puts heavy emphasis on family. But, it’s so much deeper than working on “groupings”. Don’t get us wrong, we create those too. But what we’re saying her is that the moments during your wedding weekend spent side by side celebrating with your family and so much deeper than just groupings. 

Our Approach to Family Photography

It’s the moment your parents make a funny but insightful toast at your reception. Or when multiple generations spend the night hitting the dance floor. Or maybe, it’s the moment your parents and family members bestow blessings upon you under the Mandap. Each moment during your weekend celebration is just as important as the next. So a lather-rinse-repeat wedding photography approach just isn’t going to cut it.

You need a wedding photographer well versed in your traditions. Better yet, a team of photographers who can focus on the elements of your union as they unfold. But also one who gets what’s important to you and your family. A photographer who can pick up on the emotion and sentiment of the moment. Whether it’s laughter, happy tears, or a new core memory. All in all, capturing the range of emotions your family experiences during your wedding weekend.

You can find more information on working with us as your South Asian Wedding Photography team, here.

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