Two Wedding Photographers are better than one

2 Wedding Photographers vs 1: Why Two Are Better for Your Detroit Michigan Wedding

You might have noticed that most wedding photographers work alone. Sure, they might have an assistant helping to carry the bags and equipment or holding lights where needed. But it’s only been in recent years that photographers have felt the need for a second photographer to support them through a wedding day. Wedding photography has changed, especially since the arrival of digital cameras. It’s not enough to supply 30-50 printed photos in an album anymore. Now, couples want natural, candid pictures of their guests enjoying the day, just as much as they want formal lineups and artistic couple shots. It’s a huge task for one photographer to manage. So here are all the reasons why two photographers are better than one!

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Lots More Photos!

Let’s start with the obvious. Even one person with two cameras can only take so many photographs. And they can really only be in one place at one time, looking at one particular scene.
But if you add a second photographer into the mix, then while one photographer is focusing on getting those all-important key photos of the bride hugging grandma, the second photographer can be across the room or venue capturing candids of your friends downing shots at the bar or grabbing images of the flower girl twirling in her dress.
We’re pretty sure you’d love pictures of the little moments you didn’t see just as much as the ones you did, right?
And more pictures means more gift opportunities for friends and family!

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Two Ways To Tell A Story

Ok, this is something that we go on about a lot, but that’s because it’s true.
As a couple, there isn’t just one element to your story. There are two of you and you each bring something totally unique to your relationship. We believe those unique perspectives deserve equal attention when it comes to your wedding photos.
Let’s say you go all traditional and decide not to see each other the morning of your wedding. If you’re getting ready in the same place then, sure, it’s possible one photographer could move between the two rooms and get pictures of what’s going on in both places. But this becomes next to impossible if you’re getting ready in completely separate locations.
Also, who’s to say how the morning will flow? It may be that important things happen while your photographer is with the other person, so key moments that are part of the story of your day will be missed.
With two photographers, you can each have someone there, capturing the morning as it unfolds. And when you come to view those pictures later, after the wedding, it’ll be really special to see what your partner was getting up to before the ceremony.

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Different Perspectives

With two photographers, you also get two ways of looking at the same scene.
The moment you walk down the aisle is one great example of this. While one photographer can be standing at the top of the aisle and capturing images of everyone turning to watch you walk down, the other can be standing at the back and focusing on the face of your beloved as they watch you walk towards them.
There are some situations where it’s lovely to capture close-up details but also get a much wider shot that tells the story too, like the moment you exchange your vows. One photographer can be focusing on the two of you, while the other could be catching the same scene with a view of your parents looking on in the background.
And we just love being able to capture a key event like the first kiss, but also be able to record the reactions and emotions of your loved ones as they look on.
Every part of your day offers so many different ways of looking at it and capturing it. So having two photographers can really bring out those multiple perspectives.

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Double The Experience

As photographers, we’ve built up our own experience and knowledge over a certain amount of time. And, as with anything, we have our strengths and weaknesses like anyone else.
When you book two photographers for your wedding day, you’re getting double the amount of experience and knowledge that you’d be getting from one photographer. And where one of us might be a little weaker, the other can hop in and vice versa.
Between us, we have more than 20 years of experience. That’s a lot of weddings and photographs! There’s really not much we haven’t seen. This means, whatever happens on your wedding day, we’ll be ready to tackle it and make sure it doesn’t affect the overall flow and vibe of your day.

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Personality Differences

No one person is ever going to get on with everyone they meet, right? And it may be that a single photographer might get on really well with one of you but, for whatever reason, might not quite gel with the other partner.
With two photographers (and our two very distinct personalities) we usually find we’re a good match for most couples! Shaun being Type A and Rosy very much Type B, we find similarities and ways to connect with just about everyone we meet. And that’s pretty useful on a wedding day!
Think about it. If you hire a photographer who’s loud and outgoing but you’ve got a family member who doesn’t like that kind of personality, you may find they struggle to get great photos of that person because they’re just not comfortable with the situation. With two photographers, especially with different personalities, the outgoing photographer can recognize the situation and take a step back, while the quieter photographer can step forward and work their magic! Before you know it, you’ve got awesome photos of every guest, no matter what their personality type.
For the record, this is exactly how we work!

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Your Wedding Is Worth It!

The likelihood is you’re investing a lot in the planning of your special day. After all, it’s a day you want to remember for all the right reasons! So, why leave a day with so much importance in the hands of just one photographer to capture it all for you?

More Creativity

We won’t lie. Shooting a big wedding on your own is super hard work!
There’s always lots going on and there’s usually a pretty tight schedule. That means limited time for formal photos and couple shots, a tiny window of time for the photographer to capture the details of your venue before everyone comes in and disturbs the scene, and only one chance to capture that first kiss – so they have to get it right the first time!
With two photographers, there’s a little more freedom. Because while one photographer can focus on getting those “must have” pictures, the other can get creative. It means they have some freedom to play and bring something different – if the creativity doesn’t quite pay off, you’ve still got a solid image of the moment!
Like, for example, couple shots. We absolutely love the opportunity to get the two of you on your own for some gorgeous, intimate photos. It’s also a great time to create a piece of art, producing the kind of work you’ll want to print and hang up on your walls. And we can get it done quickly, so you can go back to enjoying your day.

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Back Up, Back Up, Back Up

Finally – but definitely most importantly – having two photographers means there’s a backup for when things go wrong.
If there’s one thing a wedding photographer knows, it’s that you need backups for just about everything. Multiple camera bodies and lenses, flashes, lights, batteries, memory cards. You name it, we carry multiples of just about everything. But there’s also us. If you’ve only got one photographer and they’re not feeling 100% on your wedding day, then you’re not going to get
the best of that photographer’s work.
With two of us, however, we can back each other up. If one of us isn’t feeling too great, for whatever reason, the other can hop in and pick up the shortfall.
Even if we’re both on top form, sometimes things can get missed by a single photographer. So, having a second pair of eyes means if one of us can’t grab a particular moment because maybe a guest is blocking the view or we’re in the middle of changing memory cards, then the other photographer can leap to the rescue! Phew, moment captured!

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